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“You all look down on me! Without a care in the world, you use the special gifts you were born with, and without a second thought, trample the rest of us!”

hhh the more i see these gifsets of her the more i want to cosplay wakaba

Ahhhhhhh this is like my least favorite arc but still SO GREAT

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This photo-oriented rebloggy device belongs to Lily! I go by Claudia Vice or some variation thereof in many of your local Internet neighborhoods. In real life, I live in NorCal.

On Mondays, I post (more) Sailor Moon (than normal)! I tag pretty much everything, and have this
personalblogging tag as well.

I read and write a lot, and am knowledgeable on many important topics. (Grammar, human sexuality, Sailor Moon, Catholicism, the reproductive cycle of jellyfish, coffee, wig-making, etc.) I AM A HUGE NERD, I do the cosplay, and enjoy partaking in and organizing adventures.

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