Usagi: Damn, you’re handsome!

Mamoru: You think so :D?

Usagi: You’re so well proportioned you look good in anything!

I can’t even begin to describe how hilarious and adorable I find this.

I mean the fact Usagi just runs up to her boyfriend and is like “DAMN YER HANDSOME!” She doesn’t play around, GET IT GURL.

And that Mamoru’s reaction is to giggle and blush and be like “omg you think so for reals that makes me happy”

and then she starts going on about his proportions okay gurl we know where your eyes have been wandering and Mamoru just giggles some more and  be like “cut out Usako aawww” gosh they are a couple of dorks.

Also the “you look good in anything” has that hidden subtext of “which is good because your fashion taste is shit”. 

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