A friend of mine nostalgia-bombed me with this, and I felt compelled to post it on tumblr.

Whether this brings back uncomfortable memories of years ago, or you have never seen this in your life, please enjoy the first truly viral weird music video from Japan. 

This was my junior high. My dude friends knew all the words.

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    This was my junior high. My dude friends knew all the words.
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    While on the subject of nostaligizing with this song:
  12. maxiburger said: Aw man good times, good times
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    Knew what it was from the thumbnail. Reblogging because … . . awwwwww yeeeeeaaaaaahhhhh.
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    YATTA YATTA YATTA YATTA YATTA YATTA *O* Quanto tempo não vejo esse vídeo lol
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    the best
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    How could I not reblog Yatta… it was part of my introduction to Japan. Why I didn’t run screaming away from it is...
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    I always loved this thing, and loved it even more once I found out the context. Click here for lyrics, and all will be...
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