Last week I posted this picture of a character, Fiona, from the cartoon Adventure Time in progress. Here is the finished cake.

A few weeks ago, a man contacted me about making his wife’s birthday cake. His wife is an animator and her favorite cartoon is Adventure Time and she specifically asked for a sculpted cake incorporating Fiona and the cat, named Cake (fitting, isn’t it??). After several emails back and forth and fantastic ideas and input from the husband (always appreciated with cartoon cakes since I know nothing about the minute details of these shows), we decided that Cake would be laying down and Fiona would be sitting on his tail, nibbling at it. The client loved the cake, so much so that I got a ‘thank you’ email the same night, which is all I ever hope for :)

Flavor: Aunt Chickie’s Red Velvet

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    This is a cake!! Oh man. I thought it was a clay statue or a piggy bank or something. SO COOL!!
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    I need this in my life. I NEED TO MAKE AN ADVENTURE TIME CAKE.
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